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Frequently asked questions about our products

Q:  How are your soaps made?

A: Most of my soaps are either Cold Process (CP) or Cold Process Oven Process (CPOP), which means I mix oils, lye, liquid, fragrance, & color together and pour into a mold (CP), or if I need a soap done faster, I place the mold into the oven and force it to saponify faster (CPOP). Occasionally, I will Hot Process a batch of soap, which means I cook it in a crock-pot through full saponification. All of my soaps are made from scratch, I do not use “melt and pour” soap at all.  Momma Wolf’s soaps are handmade, not microwaved!

Q:  What are French Milled Soaps?

A:  French Milled is the process of taking an already handmade loaf of soap, shredding it, and putting in either the oven or a crockpot, and heating it until it becomes “liquidy” and putting into the mold again.  This process allows the fixing of color mistakes or to dry out soaps that have too much liquid in them or to add a special ingredient who’s benefits would be destroyed by the heat of saponification.  This process is not the same as using “melt and pour” base

Q: I ordered soap from you and then reordered the same soap, but it looks different.

A: I make all my soaps one batch at a time by hand.  No two batches look the same, and most of the time, no two soaps are identical.  I may be out of one shade of blue and use another one in its place.  I may have received feedback that different colors would work better with a particular fragrance.  However, the soap recipe will remain the same most of the time.

Q: Why do you use Palm Oil, don’t you care about the destruction of rain forests?

A: I have looked into replacing palm oil many times, but it is one of the best soaping oils for vegan soaps.  I do only buy sustainably harvested palm oil that is certified by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oi).  I will continue to revisit whether this is a good practice or not, and do offer some palm-free vegan soaps.  Click here for a recent WWF article about Palm Oil Use.

Q:  There’s mica listed in some of your vegan soaps, doesn’t some mica include bugs?

A:  All of the mica I use comes from Mad Micas, who certifies that all their mica is bug-free and completely vegan.

Q: I love the look of your soaps, but I’m allergic to one of the oils.  Can you make a batch without that oil?

A: Yes and I’d be glad to work with you.  Just send me a message using the contact form with your request, and I can make a batch without that particular oil.

Q: I want to use mini-soaps / bath bombs / lotion bars as a favor at my wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, etc, can you do that?

A: I certainly can!  I will need at least 8 weeks notice and a 50% deposit.  Just send me a message using the contact form with your request,



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