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You may have noticed that Momma Wolf’s has 3 different types of soaps, Fragrance, Vegan, & Naturals.  What’s the difference between them?

Fragrance – this is my much loved tallow based recipe with fragrance oils and colored with mica (all my micas are certified vegan).  Goat’s milk soaps will be under this category as well.

Vegan – made with plant based oils and milks, either unscented or scented with essential oils.  Colored with mica or herbs. (Micas are certified vegan)

Naturals – these are the round soaps without a scent filled with good for your skin ingredients such as a higher amount of shea butter or avocado or kefir. The only color comes from the ingredients such as rose clay, activated charcoal, etc.  Most of these are vegan, but some are not.  These soaps are great for sensitive skin and for extra moisturizing.


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