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About MW

Momma Wolf’s is a small business who prefers to focus on helping customers try natural products to improve their skin, mood, and life.

Formerly known as “Mystic Wolf’s Den” and a regular vendor at local farmer’s markets and craft shows around the Piedmont Triad area since 2010. However in June 2018, a drunk driver crossed the yellow line and changed a lot of things. I was unable to attend farmer’s markets and shows, and was going to close the business down. My customers did not agree with that decision and encouraged me to find a way to keep my products available for purchase. So one year later, Momma Wolf’s online store was launched.

I offer handmade from scratch soaps, salves, herbs, and other bath products. I have added essential oils and stainless steel aromatherapy pendents (I do not make these, just resell them, however, I only chose items of high quality). I will be adding more products as I make them, such as emulsified sugar scrubs, shower steamers, bath bombs / bubble bath, body butter, lotion, bath melts & teas, smudging & regular candles, herbs for cooking, teas, medicinal, & spiritual purposes, lip balms, and other products that my customers are used to getting from me.

Allergic to a particular oil? Need shower favors? I love to do special orders. I do need to be contacted in advance, as some items require up to 8 weeks to cure.

I use organic and sustainable harvested oils, and grow my herbs & produce without pesticides and herbicides. My products are tested on family members, close friends, and my own furry children.

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